The current global economic condition invites opportunities for sophisticated Services in private banking and trade markets. In a trend toward 'World Citizenship' and the ever - increasing demands of borderless international Business , to create customized Exclusive Trading and Investment Banking Services each acting as a one stop  and in - house dedicated offshore Global Banking Financial Center which protects the privacy , privileges and powers of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) , Qualified Investment Buyers (QIB) , Multinational Corporations (MC) and Wealthy Families (WF).

Global Trust Investment Bank offers unprecedented Global Private Banking Solutions to maximize transactional Efficiency and security , while performing with incomparable profitability. Undeniably a well designed and system managed financial service entity HUB is both the highest performing asset known and the most powerful Business tool Money can buy.


Project-funding is a structured business and therefore it has to be evaluated on a case by case situation. The geographical region is very crucial as in these days Political situations make a great influence to the security of the project and its funding.

The project funding has to be in most of the cases be secured threw a Collateral that would be acceptable to our Institution and as per the international standards.