The current global economic condition invites opportunities for sophisticated Services in private banking and trade markets. In a trend toward 'World Citizenship' and the ever - increasing demands of borderless international Business , to create customized Exclusive Trading and Investment Banking Services each acting as a one stop  and in - house dedicated offshore Global Banking Financial Center which protects the privacy , privileges and powers of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) , Qualified Investment Buyers (QIB) , Multinational Corporations (MC) and Wealthy Families (WF).

Global Trust Investment Bank offers unprecedented Global Private Banking Solutions to maximize transactional Efficiency and security , while performing with incomparable profitability. Undeniably a well designed and system managed financial service entity HUB is both the highest performing asset known and the most powerful Business tool Money can buy.


With today's rapidly growing markets in the import and export industry, project and trade finance is playing a huge role in how countries are doing business with each other. The role of the financial institutions are to provide security when business is being done across country borders. Whether you need a Tender Guarantee to bid on a construction project or a Confirmed Letter of Credit to buy goods and import them into your destination , Global Trust Investment Bank can issue all these different types of financial instruments to support your business based on the Terms and Conditions.