One open platform for all your Investment SERVICES

Global Trust Investment Bank provides a true “open platform” for investment products, being able to purchase on behalf of the Client any asset from any bank or issuer and holding them on behalf of our clients with the most suitable Custodian or Correspondent Bank.

Opening of multi-currency accounts and investment accounts

▪ Client Accounts can be opened in US dollars, Euro. Consolidated account statements will be provided on a regular basis when requested and  accounts can be accessed through our electronic banking.

Global payment services – with Swift connection

▪ Through our sophisticated network of correspondent banks and Swift connection, GTIB will efficiently carry out all required payment services in convertible currencies.

Global custodian services

▪ We can be the custodian of a broad range of financial instruments such as  Securities, mutual funds, and privately and publicly issued notes.

Structuring services for private or public placements

▪ We can structure private or public placements, which can be quoted on different stock exchanges.

Paying agent for private or public placements

▪ We can act as a paying agent for any placements.

Provide tailor made financial products, services and solutions

▪ We can develop, in close cooperation with our clients and partner financial Institutions, tailor-made products which provide solutions to your needs.

Personalized Investment Services

Our Investment Accounts offer a variety of investment options based on client instructions:

• Building personalized investment portfolios with individual stocks, market, Country or industry approach looking for quality and capital appreciation Potential.

• Design of solutions for creating a dependable stream of income with special attention to risk profile.

• Introduction to a broad range of traditional equity strategies, hedge funds, Venture Capital and private equity funds.